{10 + 1} Top Songs for Reception Playlists

Today we begin a new blog series… While we may eventually come back to our Noticing Nashville series, for now we are switching gears to the 10 + 1 Wedding Trends series. Since we’re Wedding 101, we thought we’d incorporate those numbers in a blog series that highlights certain trends we’re seeing right now in the wedding industry. Of course, we can’t do this on our own! So each week you will be hearing from a different vendor who has their list of 10 + 1 trends. First up, J Clark Anderson, DJ with Snyder Entertainment who is a pro with reception playlists. Here’s his list of the Top 10 + 1 Songs popular in weddings right now… Enjoy!

“As a DJ for an entertainment company with a strong foundation in DJ services, I was excited to create a list of the Top 10 (+ 1) most requested songs at weddings! Everyone likes to ask me ‘What kind of music do you enjoy?’ And my response is always the same, I enjoy ALL types of music. Some days I’m rocking out to 80’s Rock & Roll, and some days I’ll be enjoying the newest Top 40 on the radio.  Our team provides entertainment for over 250 events annually, and we are able to track our most popular requests through our online selection process.  Anytime you have a Top 10 list, you will have people who disagree and people who could not agree more.  At Snyder Entertainment we create customized reception playlists for each and every wedding.  However, the numbers will show that the following 11 songs have some strong support as the top songs for any wedding reception.  To see more of what our clients are selecting, check out this link.” ~ J Clark, Snyder Entertainment


1. “September” by Earth Wind & Fire

This Classic Song from the 70’s is a great way to start off any party and get people out on the dance floor.

2. Michael Jackson (Take Your Pick)

Really….”Billie Jean”, “P.Y.T”, “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”…You just can’t go wrong with Michael Jackson.

3. “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show

This has been one of the biggest, and most requested slow songs over the last few years, and EVERYONE knows when to sing along “…to Johnson City, TN”

4. “Yeah!” by Usher

The modern Rap song that everyone can enjoy. It’s just that well known and enjoyed by all.

5. “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks

Grab a Drink, Grab your Friends and get on the dance floor for one of the greatest Country songs ever. Always a crowd favorite.

6. “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice

This song released in 1989 and continues to be a huge hit at weddings today.

7. “Wobble” by V.I.C.

Every time a DJ hears “You have to Play ___________”, it usually ends with “The Wobble”. This modern line dance has hit the scene and will be here for a long time. Very fun.

8. “Shot” by any band imitating the song famous from “Animal House”

This is just a fun song. High energy, gets everyone jumping and throwing their hands up in the air. Fun for all ages.

9. “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

I always like to say that Classics will never die. This very intimate slow song always gets the dance floor crowded at the end of the reception.

10. “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

Talk about a great song to end the night on. Everyone knows it, everyone could sing it, and most guys will be playing the Air Guitar. This song is slow enough to dance to and has the high energy for your guests who simply want to go out with a BANG at the end of the night.

11. “Boogie Shoes” by KC & the Sunshine Band

I’ll probably hear about this selection from some other DJ’s that I work with, but this one is honestly one of my personal favorites. It’s a fun song to start off the night and it’s got a great beat.


Do you still need entertainment for your big day? Are you ready to nail down your very own reception playlist? Contact J Clark, or any of the Snyder Entertainment team members today at 615.496.3155.

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