10 + 1 Send-Off Ideas

I’ve seen some pretty interesting send-offs at the many weddings I’ve had the pleasure of working. And couples are always coming up with new ways to make their exits memorable! Here are 10 + 1 send-off ideas that we’ve seen… Maybe one of these will inspire your grand exit!

Confetti Poppers, Flowers, Glow Sticks, Heart Sparklers, Streamers, Sprinkles

1. Confetti Poppers – These little treasures can be bought online, or if you’re feeling crafty you can make them yourself!

2. Flowers (or petals) – Not only will flowers look gorgeous in all your pictures, they’ll make everything smell nice too!

3. Glow Sticks – End the party right! Give out individual glow sticks to each guest, and let them send you off in style!

4. Heart Sparklers – Add a special twist on traditional sparklers by getting the heart-shaped ones!

5. Streamers – Whether you do multi-colored, black and white, or the specific colors of your decor, streamers make for absolutely adorable pictures!

6. Sprinkles – Add a little sweetness to the end of your wedding day by having your guests toss colorful sprinkles! Just make sure you change out of your wedding dress before this particular exit.

7. Flying Lanterns – This Chinese tradition makes for gorgeous pictures, and your guests will have fun doing it too!

8. Glitter – Leave your wedding in style! Have your guests shower you with glitter that complements your color scheme.

9. Bubbles – It may be traditional, but it can still make for some beautiful images! Plus, there’s no mess to clean up afterwards!

10. LED Balloons – Vamp up traditional balloons by putting a glow stick inside! Or you can purchase pre-made LED balloons to make your evening exit one to remember!

11. Pennant Flags – Have them monogrammed or just say fun phrases, and let your guests wave away!

Flying Lanterns, Glitter, Bubbles, LED Balloons, Pennant Flags

Do you have any unique send-off ideas? At my wedding, we had ribbon wands and it was an absolute blast! Tell us your send-off ideas in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page!

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