10 + 1 New Year’s Resolutions for Brides

If your wedding date happens to be in 2015, your number one New Year’s Resolution is to marry your best friend! And we couldn’t think of a better goal for the new year! We also know there are so many things you want to accomplish this year. So here are 10 + 1 New Year’s Resolutions for all you lovely brides to keep in mind during this exciting time!

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1. Be Focused on the Big Picture – This is a great reminder in everyday life, but it is especially important during your engagement. Try not to get worn down by the little details, and stay focused on the overall goal of marrying your love!

2. Get Healthy, Not Skinny – Being healthy means lots of different things for different people. Begin some healthy habits to prepare for your wedding day, and don’t just try to “get skinny.” Your fiance asked you to spend the rest of your life with him… He already thinks your gorgeous!

3. Invest in your Future Marriage – Take this time of preparation to get ready for marriage, not just the wedding! When you go out to dinner, try not having cell phones near the table and really listen to each other. Maybe even enroll in some pre-marital counseling to really work through things together.

4. Make Time for Friends – This is your last season as a “single” lady! Take every chance you can to grab coffee with your girlfriends and really listen to what’s going on in their lives. They’ve been listening to all your wedding plans, so give them a chance to talk too.

5. Connect with Family – Even if your family lives far away, make this the year of reaching out to your loved ones. Sending a letter to the ones that are long distance, and going to lunch with those that are near can really improve those family relationships!

6. Practice Saving Money – Financial disagreements can be some of the most detrimental to marriages. Take time to get your own finances in order this year, and prepare to communicate and be flexible when you and your fiance put your resources together.

7. Choose ONE Hobby – Everyone needs a hobby to release some of that work and wedding stress on, but one hobby is enough! Don’t try to master every trade… Just choose something that is relaxing and beneficial to you, and invest your free time in that one thing.

8. Save Time for Yourself – You can’t pour into other people’s lives if you aren’t full yourself. Allow time for you to rest and do the things you enjoy… Then you can go out and conquer the world!

9. Organize Your Home – This is a big one, but don’t try to do it all at once! Choose one project each month that you’ve been wanting to take care of at home, and actually do it. By the end of the year, you’ll have 12 completed home projects!

10. Don’t Over-Commit – While planning a wedding, it can be easy to try to do everything and be everywhere, but you will exhaust yourself if you commit to everything. Make some priorities for yourself, and don’t feel bad for saying “no” to some things.

11. Be in Each Moment – It’s so easy to keep planning our next move, and sometimes when we do that we forget to enjoy the present moment. Soak up each minute of this year and this season of your life, because before you know it you’ll be an old married couple! But really, isn’t that what we’re all looking forward to someday?! 🙂

Even though I labeled these 11 resolutions for brides, I will definitely be striving for each of these this year as well! Do you have any resolutions that you would add to my list? If so, just leave a comment below or on our Facebook page. I love new years because they’re full of possibilities! Cheers to 2015!

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