10 + 1 Christmas Eve Traditions

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve so far! As you prepare for marriage, one of the best things to do is start some traditions of your own. Here are 10 + 1 Christmas Eve Traditions that you may want to consider making your own… Merry Christmas!

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1. Unwrap a Pair of Christmas Pajamas – What better way to greet Christmas morning, than in new Christmas pajamas?! If you don’t want to get a new pair every year, get each other Christmas socks each year and open them on Christmas Eve!

2. Watch a Christmas Movie – Snuggle up and enjoy the light of your Christmas tree while watching your favorite Christmas movie!

3. Go Caroling – “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!” Thanks to the movie, Elf, for that adorable quote! But seriously, get a group of friends or family together to sing some carols tonight!

4. Drive Around to Look at Lights – Sometimes the most relaxing thing to do is just drive through your neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights. And the night before Christmas is the perfect time to do it!

5. Attend a Candlelight Service – Nothing beats a warm church pew on Christmas Eve! Find a church near you that has candlelight services, and go celebrate the true reason for the season!

6. Deliver Treats to Neighbors – Even if they’re not home, leaving a small package of goodies on your neighbor’s porch is a great way to send your Christmas wishes!

7. Bake Cookies – Who says Santa is the only one to get cookies Christmas morning? Make recipes of your own, or keep it simple and get some holiday slice and bake!

8. Read through Your Christmas Cards – Take time to read through all those festive cards you’ve received over the past couple weeks. It’s so fun to see all the updates on the ones you love!

9. Write Reflection Letters – As you’re home enjoying the peace of the season, pull out the paper and pen and write letters, reflecting on the year past. Then, with each year that follows you’ll be able to read the updates from the years before!

10. Open ONE Gift – Sometimes it’s fun to give in (just a little) and open a present before the big day. Each of you choose one to exchange early, and make sure it’s a good one!

11. Read the Christmas Story – Take time to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and think about that night so many years ago!

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Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions of your own? I think my husband and I may be starting some of these! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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