10 + 1 Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve! Whatever you’re doing tonight, whether it’s partying with friends or snuggled up with family, making your list of resolutions, we wish you a very Happy Holiday! Today’s 10 + 1 Blog gives a little shout out to all our fabulous photographers! They work so hard all year to capture countless couple’s wedding memories, and they deserve some recognition. Here are (in our humble opinions) the 11 Best Wedding Photos of 2014!

Images captured by Nashville Photography Group.

Image captured by SheHeWe Photography.

Image captured by Details Nashville.

Image captured by Jessie Holloway Photography.

Images captured by Psalm 27 Creative.

Image captured by COMPLETE Music.Video.Photo.

Image captured by Frozen Exposure Photography.

Image captured by Nyk and Cali, Wedding Photographers.

Image captured by Alex Derry Photography.

What do you think of these gorgeous images?! We can’t wait to see all the memories these wonderful photographers capture in 2015! Have a great night everyone!

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