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    Marc Billingsley Photography is a fashion-inspired boutique photography studio specializing in editorial style wedding photography. 

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    1. Sarah & Tim
      Sarah & Tim

      We looked at a number of photographers for our wedding day and were thrilled to find Marc Billingsley Photography. Our wedding day wasn’t the best weather, but Marc and Shannon were able to create beautiful light and all of our images are amazing despite the bad weather. Our wedding was featured on 3 different bridal blogs and all of our friends tell us our images are the best they’ve seen from any wedding. We had a great time throughout the entire process with Marc, Shannon and Steve. They styled our wedding so every shot was incredible and they taught me how to look great in my wedding dress. I’ve never looked or felt more beautiful. I could tell that their background in the fashion world helped as they taught me every trick that professional models use to look great on camera. It was easy and the results were amazing. I’ve recommended them to 3 of my friends already.

      May 8, 2015 at 2:04 pm
    2. Emma

      When Jay and I started planning our wedding, Marc was the second person we hired (after our venue). He helped us find other amazing vendors that made our wedding day unforgettable. We knew we wanted some guidance with our photos as neither of us ever think we take good pictures, but at the same time, we wanted our photos to look natural and not “posed”. Marc did exactly what we asked of him and our images are magical. When my dad was coming to see me in my dress for the first time, Marc made sure I was standing in the good spot and the natural moment happened in a beautiful spot. You couldn’t ask for a better result and a very enjoyable experience. We would have paid double looking back.

      May 8, 2015 at 2:04 pm
    3. Jenny & Bill
      Jenny & Bill

      Our wedding day didn’t quite go as planned, but the one good thing we had going for use was Mark & his staff. Our caterer was an hour late and the cake didn’t show up till after the ceremony! But Mark kept us calm and even called another vendor who was on “standby” with a cake if ours didn’t show. Talk about going above and beyond! While it wasn’t exactly as planned, we wouldn’t change a thing. The photos were amazing and we love the memories of our big day. We also loved the fact that Mark includes so much in the wedding package. Our engagement photos fit our personality perfectly and will be treasured just as much as our wedding pictures. A week before the wedding, I had a bridal portrait session and we had a huge image of me in my dress on display for the reception. Everyone was blown away by it. While our venue wasn’t all that beautiful, Mark was able to make the photos look like a fairytale. I don’t even recognize some of the locations. His vision was the reason we hired him and we recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

      May 8, 2015 at 2:05 pm
    4. Millie Perrigon
      Millie Perrigon

      Unprofessional and extremely slow…DO NOT recommend!

      I’d first like to point out that all the fantastic reviews here were completed at the same time on the same day, which I find to be very fishy.

      Marc started things off by accidentally double-booking our engagement photo session, so we had to alternate our shots with another couple.

      Probably half the times I emailed him, I waited days for a response and would then email him again asking if he got the initial email before getting a reply. Believe me, this is an added stress you do not need when planning a wedding! Also, if I asked him two or three questions in an email, he would never answer more than one, so I would have to email him yet again.

      The worst part was that he took FOREVER to get our pictures back to us. It was four months after our wedding before we had the pictures back. To be fair, we planned to do a post-wedding session that got delayed by about five weeks because I was sick, so we will take the blame for that portion of the four months (although it did give him time to go ahead and send off the wedding day pictures for processing, and he could have gone ahead and done the editing). We then requested a few edits to correct shadows on our faces in a few of our favorites and to fix the fact that we looked washed out in another favorite. It took ANOTHER three and a half months to get these edits back from him! It was extremely frustrating, as I could not make our photo album or blow up pictures for our wall without these favorites. When we conveyed our frustration with how long it was taking, he acted like he was doing something extra for us by making the edits, but he really talked up his editing skills when convincing me to hire him so I certainly assumed that was included in a reasonable time frame. So, all in all, it took almost EIGHT MONTHS to get our wedding pictures back. Friends of mine who hired other photographers have gotten theirs back within a few weeks.

      I do not enjoy submitting a negative review (and have actually never done so before), but if I can save another bride this stress and frustration, I feel that is something I should do.

      February 22, 2016 at 8:52 pm

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